Filter coffee 250 gr.

Filter coffee 250 gr.

Buy our coffee Filter coffee 250 gr. for a leisure break at home or in the office. 81 Moka Efti

Filter coffee 250 gr.

250 Gr.
Chicco intensità
Chicco intensità
Chicco intensità
Filter coffee is based on the principle of slowly dripping hot water through a layer of ground coffee, placed in a paper filter. By percolating, the water dissolves the water-soluble substances contained in the coffee powder, transferring them to the drink.
The rediscovery of different forms of extraction, such as filter coffee, makes the consumer aware of the aromas, fragrances, and characteristics of coffee that were previously unknown or perceptible in a different way than espresso.


Grind: medium
Coffee quantity: 7.5-8g.
Water temperature: 92-96 ° C
Volume of water: 125ml
Contact time (water/coffee): 4-6 minutes


 Composition: 55% arabica, 45% robusta

6.25 CHF

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