Moka Efti coffee bars

In addition to supplying our products to several coffee bars, we have two Moka Efti plants - one in Chiasso and one in Morbio Inferiore. Our customers, or anyone who wants to taste our coffee, is welcome to visit these premises.

Bar Moka Efti

c/o Centro Commerciale Serfontana
Via Serfontana, 6834 Morbio Inferiore

+41 91 683 28 15

A place to stop for a break and a good cup of coffee, which is the undisputed star of these coffee bars.
Here you can try all our blends whilst being guided by our experts' advice. If you want to, these members of staff can also entertain you by explaining the origin of each of our coffee. If you are a true fan, you can discover all our products, merchandising and cookbooks for the preparation of your own coffee. These area available in all our coffee bars.

Bar Moka Efti

Piazza Boffalora 2, 6830 Chiasso

+41 91 683 27 02
Are you passionate about coffee? Come visit our shops, where you will find every product needed to make a perfect Espresso!

our products
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