MOKA EFTI specialises in importing, roasting and selling coffee to the professional catering called Ho.Re.Ca. The sales team serve all the Swiss cantons.
There are approximately 15 employees in the 2,000 square metre owned factory in Mendrisio. Here take place: the storage of all lots, roasting and packaging of the finished products for the next distribution. The latter is carried out with the company’s own means in addition to the most modern transport companies.

For several years we have expanded our range by entering the vending sector with our own coffee machines for home or office use. Furthermore, we offer a range of coffee pods or capsules produced directly by us using our fine blends.


Passion and continuous research are the essence of our products. We offer a range of carefully balanced coffee blends which, just like freshly roasted coffee, are characterised by intense aromas and flavours.

Coffee production, the type that we consume daily, is a real journey. In fact, from its harvesting to grinding, it requires experience and specific knowledge. Ever since the beginning, our company has always been enthusiastic and dedicated to our business. Furthermore, it has always managed to follow the trend of a versatile and constantly changing market.

Nowadays, the simple coffee ritual is the result of a strong connection between innovation and tradition. In fact, technologies have improved the production processes and also enabled consumers to prepare coffee much quicker. However, there is a very important phase that still remains tied to tradition: selection.


We have been selecting the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for years. These varieties grow in plantations based in various tropical areas of Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. In fact, the best blends can be created thanks to the coexistence of different-origin beans that keep the taste unchanged over time.

Each of our blends contains different ratios of Robusta and Arabica coffee, which come from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, India, Indonesia. These 8 different origins create a perfect balance, like notes composing a musical symphony.